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Go Faster, Go Fiser

Xavier's new ride for 2017 thank you Tad Fiser for such an awsome looking car.



2017 Region 8 Indoor Racing Series

Saturday March 4th, 2017. Big Thanks to Club Presidents. Region 8 Indoor Series.



Go Faster, Go Fiser

Congrats to Conner Heath 1st place in Jr. Honda A Main at New Smyrna Speedway 03/10/2017



Go Faster, Go Fiser

Get race ready now. For everyone who doesn't have a set up book yet. We have added some new ones to our Setup Book page. Check it out!



Go Faster, Go Fiser

Get your Steering Wheel today! And have it powder coated to your favorite color.



2017 Region 8 Indoor #2

Congratulations to Cam Fiser 1st in Animal,Lt 160 and World Formula 03/04/2017 Congratulations on winning the Indoor points series in each of these classes. Photo by Mom.



Tad Fiser Racing T-Shirts

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2017 Region 8 Indoor #2

Caleb Johnson 1st in Jr.Animal and Jr. Honda. Great Job Caleb! Thank you to Robert Patterson for the great Photos!



Tri-Vally QMA

Dustin King



Go Faster, Go Fiser

Katie Williams



Go Faster, Go Fiser

Bradan Andrecs USAC.25 Midget Junior Animal National Championship win!



Go Faster, Go Fiser!

Congratulations to Jensen Vadnais who won both his season opening double features in Jr. Honda at little Elko Speedway with the MQMRA. Pretty good job for first time in his Fiser Car. Great Job Jensen!



2011 Western Grand Nationals

A Very Happy Fiser Family!!!!!!7/2/2011



Go Faster, Go Fiser

Cam says, It's Awesome!



Go Faster, Go Fiser

Part of Novice training in the parts room.



Flip Fear Training

You have to let them know the seat belts really work.


 Jarid Kunkle Driving his Fiser

 See more Fiser results and drivers



Our Goal at Tad Fiser Racing is to sell the highest quality, state-of-the-art race cars and components available today. New ideas, methods and materials continuously result in new products designed to make racing faster, quicker and safer. Manufacturing with are own CNC machines and computer aided design ensures we stay on the cutting edge of racecar research and development. Our pledge is to uphold our tradition of the best built, highest quality racecar's and components on the market today.


2014 Western Grands
Congratulations to Cole Esgar 2nd Place Jr.Animal, 2nd Place Jr.Honda & 7th(DNF)in Jr.Stock 7/04/2014

Aluminum Sheet Metal MYCHRON Bracket with dzus buttons and springs. Find me on the Parts List Tab under Electrical.

MYCHRON 4 and MYCHRON Bracket example

MYCHRON 5 Racing Electronic Instrument. Find me on the Parts List Tab under Electrical.

Budwiser Event Center Loveland, CO
After the racing is done on Sunday the kids still find fun when the race track is broken down.

Smoker World Formula Steel Triangle Drive Hub. Find me on the Parts List tab under Gears/Engine Hubs

Pueblo Timing Day 8/22/2015
Good day! 2 Track records and two Second quick.

Regional Race #5 @ WQMA Monroe,WA 08/14/16
Happy after win! Gavyn Yager finally breaks his silence and talks to Tad. Sometimes it takes a while to warm up!

Go Faster, Go Fiser
Go Cassidy Hinds! Congrats on your RMQMA Championship for the 2016 season in Lt. World Formula and Mod.

Working on Belt Drive Gears....

2016 Western Grands Topeka,KS
Caleb Johnson wins Jr. Honda 07/01/16 Congratulations!

Central Series @ Kansas Speedway 7/23/16
Cam Fiser wins Sr. Animal, 2nd in Lt. World Formula, 3rd in Lt. 160

Regional Race #5 @ WQMA Monroe,WA 08/14/16
Congrats to Gavyn Yager on his Lt. World Formula win.

Regional Race #5 @ WQMA Monroe,WA 08/14/16
Cam Fiser Wins Sr.Animal and Lt. 160 Great Job Cam!

2016 Western Grands Topeka, KS
Kaylee Esgar Wins Hvy 160 and Hvy World Formula 07/01/16 Congratulations!

Belt Drive Gears coming soon..

Go Faster, Go FIser
Cam Fiser Quick Time and 1st Place Lt.World Formula SCQMA Timing Day 06/04/16

Pikes Peak International Speedway
Rumble in the Rockies USAC event 6/25/16 A Main Day. Cam Fiser 1st in Lt.160, 1st in Sr. Animal 4th in Lt. World Formula

RMQMA States Race
Half of the Gasseling family hanging out before there race. 5/21/2016

Go Faster, Go Fiser
This is "Big Fatso" who is well fed while we travel....

2016 Western Grands Topeka,KS
Cam Fiser wins Sr.Animal and Lt. World Formula

Western Grands 2009

Nothin is better than bumpin big brother... Ty & Cam Fiser on the track together 9/29/2010

photo by Tara Snow

Go Faster, Go Fiser
Cam Fiser wins Jr. Stock at this years Western Grands 7/28/12 Congratulations Cam, We love you!

Ty Fiser and Family in Victory Lane
Congratulations Ty.. Thanks to Rich Tisone for the awesome picture.

Signing of the Checkered Flags
All the kids in each race sign a special checkered flag that the winner keeps. ( For the people who don't know, relatives, grandparents etc...)

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